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Easily allows you to resize a photo or image in pixels or as a percentage of the original size.

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Resize images online with Image Control

There is a huge amount of software that allows you to resize an image. Most of these tools include a whole bunch of other features. Such software often costs a lot of money and takes time to learn. For users who are looking for an easy and free way to resize photos, we have created this tool.

Using it, you can resize images in pixels or percentages (from original size),if necessary, maintaining the original aspect ratio. All this is done in just a few clicks and without installing additional software on your device!


This tool allows you to resize an uploaded image. Two options are available: set the desired size of the photo in pixels (optionally, maintaining aspect ratio is available),or enlarge or reduce images by a specified percentage of the original size.

You can use the photo editor on any device: desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Also, you do not need to download any applications, any modern browser will do for this.

Long-term photo processing is possible for several reasons. Firstly, you could upload a large file, which, of course, will affect the processing time. Secondly, the speed of your internet connection can be affected. And thirdly, in order to reduce the load on the server, all image processing tasks are placed in a queue, therefore, the more people process photos at the same time as you, the longer the queue you will have to wait.

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