Remove background using a neural network

Remove background using a neural network

The tool automatically removes the background of images, replaces it with another image or background of a different color using neural networks and self-learning artificial intelligence.

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How to remove the background from an image?

How to remove the background from an image online using a neural network? Artificial intelligence is increasingly used when working with various images. The neural network easily solves numerous tasks that until recently were available exclusively to the human brain. The popularity of AI is due to its self-learning ability and the ability to significantly outperform any human in terms of processing speed. In our case, background removal occurs automatically.

Why is it worth using a neural network when working with images?

Effectively removing the background from an image using AI is a job that is based on the use of artificial intelligence. AI "guesses" the main object in the photo and removes all unnecessary pixels around it. Thanks to artificial intelligence, photo background removal can be performed efficiently and quickly. This method is used by many experienced AI designers and photographers.

How to use the tool?

To use the tools from Image Control, you do not need to make a payment. When developing them, free libraries that are in the public domain were used. You need a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. Additionally, you do not have to download any special programs. Suitable for any modern browser.


Upload an image to work with


Wait for the image to be processed


Enjoy the result

How to remove the background as efficiently as possible?

It does not matter for what reason you needed to remove the background online. You can do this as quickly and efficiently as possible with the help of an online tool from Image Control, which not only removes the background using a neural network, but also has a self-learning AI.

You no longer have to spend time and effort learning Photoshop and other similar applications! Yes, background removal is also possible with the help of other specialized Internet resources and programs, but you should be prepared for a bad result. We, in turn, guarantee that everything will be done perfectly.

The neural network for image processing is already our reality, and not some distant fantasy. Now you know how to remove the background from an image online using a neural network. Feel free to act, create the photos you dream about!


No! The tool was created using free libraries that are in the public domain. Therefore, you do not need to pay for the use either.

Also no! The tool is completely free to use and unlike other tools, we do not leave a watermark on the downloaded image.

You can use the tool on any device: desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Also, you do not need to download any applications, any modern browser will do for this.

The processing speed directly depends on the size of the image. It is also possible that the server is under heavy load, as a result of which your task will be queued for processing.

The tool uses trainable artificial intelligence. It selects the object around which to remove the background, based on many other processed images. If you get a bad processing result, then the desired object is difficult to distinguish from its background. Try to blur it or make it more solid.

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