Random people generator

Random people generator — this is an analogue of the popular resource This Person Does Not Exist, which generates portraits of people who do not exist in real life. The main advantage of our generator — many cool «features» that will greatly facilitate and speed up the search for the photos you need!

Generator of random faces of non-existent people

The generator is based on the StyleGAN neural network, which was developed by Nvidia in 2018. Its peculiarity is that it consists of two AIs. One of them generates something, and the other determines whether the results in the image are real, or whether they are generated by the first neural network. Model training is considered complete if the neural network that generates manages to constantly deceive the neural network that guesses.

It is a curious fact that the generation of photos of non-existent people was the result of attempts to teach AI to recognize fake faces.

The result of the work can be seen at thispersondoesnotexist.com. The site itself consists of one page, which contains a photo of a random person. In order to get a different image, you need to refresh the page. Thus, if you need a portrait of a person of a particular gender, race or age, you can spend hours updating the pages of this site.

Our advantages and opportunities

  • Several thousand images are available for viewing at once. New images are generated every minute!
  • View photos in full size and download them in one click!
  • After downloading a photo you like, it becomes inaccessible to other users, which guarantees its uniqueness!
  • Photos can be sorted by starting with new or old, or mixed together!
  • AI is not without flaws. Sometimes artifacts may appear in images, or gender, race, emotion, or age may be incorrectly determined. If you notice these, don't pass by and file a complaint! If the required number of complaints from users is typed, the photo will be automatically deleted! It is in your power to make the base of random people cleaner and better!


Here you can upload an image of a person who does not exist in reality.

All images are generated using a neural network.

You can use them for any purpose without fear of copyright infringement. A non-existent person will not be able to show you anything.

All images are already pre-generated. All you have to do is choose the right one and download it to your device.

A filter is available for you that allows you to select images by the following parameters of a person on it: gender, race, emotion and age. Please note that these parameters may not always meet expectations, since they were also determined by the neural network.

Yes! You can sort them from newest to oldest or vice versa. You can also mix the portraits and give them in random order.

They are added every minute! The number of new images depends on the download intensity of existing ones.

We are constantly generating new images. The total number reach 10000! There really is plenty to choose from!

Immediately after you have downloaded the image you like, it is immediately deleted from our server and is no longer available to other users.

Unfortunately, this is inevitable, since the image is created by a neural network. If you notice photos with similar defects, you can complain about them by clicking on the appropriate button. If there are enough complaints from different users, the image will be removed!

Thank you for your feedback!

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