Make a favicon for your website online

Make a favicon for your website online

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What is favicon

Favicon is a website icon that is displayed by Yandex and Google search engines or in an open tab of your browser. The recommended icon extension is .ico, but modern technology allows you to use other extensions for icons. The absence of a site icon is, if not a gross, but a technical mistake of the site, and negatively affects brand awareness and reduces the CTR (click-through rate) of search snippets in the search results, worsens the search for a web resource using browser bookmarks, etc.

Stand out from the rest

Each owner of a web resource would like his page to be visible even among a dozen tabs. But before the user gets to it, search engines should pay attention. Both tasks are solved by favicon - "icon for favorites", displayed in the address bar. It increases the frequency of issue and clickability of snippets: Yandex bots specially index it to check how the site is optimized. And besides, its presence affects brand awareness: the reader will never confuse their favorite source of information, streaming or marketplace with other bookmarks in the browser.

To get the original insignia, it is not necessary to turn to professionals.

How to create a favicon

To generate a favicon for your site, follow these simple steps:


Upload an image to work with


Wait for the image to be processed


Enjoy the result

Favicon files are generated in all required sizes for all browsers, platforms and applications:

apple icon favicon ms-icon pwa

Favicon requirements

As with most modern Internet technologies, there are a number of requirements and recommendations for favicon, without which it will not be displayed correctly in the search results and in your browser

  • For Android and Google browser users, it is recommended to select favicon generation images larger than 192x192 pixels in .png format.
  • IOS and the Safari browser for the correct display of the favicon require an image called apple touch icon to be generated for this. This is an icon for a website with high resolution and sizes up to 180x180px. Thanks to this, IOS users will be able to add the site to the home screen, after which the site icon will look like a full-fledged application.
  • When displaying in safari on MacOS, things are different. In order for your logo to display correctly in the browser, you need to avoid various shadows and effects. The icon should be clear and flat.


The tool is used to place a favicon on your website. It generates everything you need to display your logo on all browsers on all platforms.

To do this, you need to upload your logo (preferably use the PNG format with a transparent background) and adjust the settings if necessary, then download the ZIP archive with the files.

The downloaded ZIP archive contains all the icon files of different sizes, HTML code to place on your site, configuration files for applications and detailed instructions on what to do with all these files.

Icons do not affect SEO and the attitude of search engines to the site in any way, but they can indirectly affect the traffic and clickability of the snippet due to the fact that the link in the search results becomes a little more attractive.

Indexing favicons in Yandex takes from a week to a month. There are no favicons in Google search results.

You can check how search bots see the favicon using the URL: Yandex —, Google —

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