Online image compression

Online image compression

Reducing the size of png, jpg and jpeg images without losing the quality of the original image.

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When is our service relevant and why should you use it?

Today, almost any photo taken with a smartphone or camera, even after processing, often has a size of several megabytes. Each user may need photo compression. And it doesn’t matter whether you need to process a huge amount of photos (which is important in the case of news, advertising, design and other work) or you need to change just a few photos in order to share your impressions with family, friends, and buddies.People upload photos to websites, forums, social media pages. networks, send them in private messages, etc.

Who and when is the online photo compression tool useful for?

  • web developers and SEO specialists who care about site loading speed;
  • photographers whose photo size can exceed tens of megabytes;
  • for various Internet resources where there are restrictions on uploading images;
  • to save space on your drives.

Deciding to compress photos online using tools from Image Control, you do not have to install various applications and utilities on your computer. Most programs take up a lot of hard disk space and have complex functionality, so you have to spend a lot of time and effort learning them. In the case of the Image Control, everything is very fast, because the functionality is simplified here. Our online service can be easily used by both a professional and an inexperienced user. All you need is internet access.

Website speed matters

Since Google PageSpeed Insight and search engines require modern sites to reduce page load times, primarily relying on mobile devices where Internet speed is limited, the load time of images on the page has become the most important criterion for successful site promotion.

For such purposes and for webmasters who do not own graphic editors and various programs for working with images, we offer our online batch photo reduction tool.

How does it work

To compress photos without losing quality, follow these simple steps:


Upload an image to work with


Wait for the image to be processed


Enjoy the result

You can upload and process both one file and several, while all compressed images can be downloaded in one archive.


Compressing PNG/JPG files is a free online tool that is designed to compress your jpeg or png images without quality loss, thanks to special algorithms and libraries.

If you are far from the development and promotion of websites, our tool will find application in other areas. If you are a photographer or a general user, the small size of your photos will allow you to store more of them on your hard drive or smartphone. This will make it faster and easier to share your photos with your loved ones, friends and colleagues.

No! The tools are created using free libraries that are in the public domain. Therefore, you do not need to pay for the use of our tools either.

Also no! The tool is completely free to use and unlike other tools, we do not leave a watermark on the downloaded image.

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