The project was originally created as a hobby. While working as a web developer, we often needed to process photos. Since the level of Photoshop proficiency was at the elementary level, I had to use various online tools. Because of this, the browser was filled with a huge number of tabs, since the necessary tools were located on completely different sites. 

It was then that we got the idea to combine everything we needed on one site, and Image Control was born. Now absolutely everyone can use our service for free!

We have created a convenient and thoughtful set of tools that will help you solve everyday routine image processing tasks. Add our site to bookmarks to have access to the necessary tools at any time.

Project is created in the likeness of other similar services, we do not hide it. We took into account their advantages, eliminated their shortcomings and created our own product, which is made with attention to detail and great enthusiasm.

We are constantly working on our tools and are happy to make any changes and improvements, so email us at support@img.webcalypt or use the feedback form below if you have something to offer.

Wish you quick tasks and fruitful work!

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